Was your water damage claim wrongfully denied?

Water can cause serious damage to your property.  Water destroys flooring, walls, and furniture.  Water damage can force people to move out of their homes and can shut down businesses.  There are many sources of water: toilets overflow, drains backup, plumbing fixtures break, pipes collapse, and water lines burst.

On top of the damage caused by water, fixing the source of the problem can be expensive and can involve accessing underground pipes beneath your property.

These claims are often denied based on “Water Damage” exclusions in insurance policies.  But, just because the exclusion says “Water Damage,” doesn’t mean that all losses caused by water are excluded.  In fact, many times the water damage and the cost of accessing broken pipes are covered by your property insurance.

Don’t just accept a denial of your property insurance claim.  Call or e-mail me and ask whether your claim was wrongfully denied.  If your insurance company wrongfully denied your claim, I can help you recover the insurance benefits you’re entitled to, and there is no cost to you unless we win.

You can read about my experience handling insurance claims.  My phone number is 813-803-2111.