Vandalism damage can be difficult and costly to repair.  People often think that vandalism means spray paint and broken windows.  But, vandals break walls, destroy electrical wires, ruin floors and break pipes.  Property owners and businesses must hire contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other repair companies to recover from severe vandalism damage. 

Do insurance companies pay for vandalism?

Most property insurance policies are designed to cover vandalism damage.  Some policies don’t cover theft damage when the damaged building was vacant.  Insurance companies sometimes deny vandalism claims because they consider the loss to be “theft damage” instead of vandalism damage.  Or, they classify a building as vacant, when it wasn’t.  Before denying, insurance carriers sometimes will ask for an Examination Under Oath to question an insured about these and other topics.  Even if a vandalism claim is ultimately paid, that payment not be enough to fully repair the damaged building.

If you are in the midst of the insurance company’s investigation or have had an insurance claim that has been denied or underpaid, please contact Jason Herman.

Vandalism Damage