What Is An Examination Under Oath

An Examination Under Oath is a formal process required by many insurance policies where you, the policyholder, are questioned under oath by an attorney for the insurance company.  Everything you say during the Examination is transcribed by a court reporter.  Most Examination Under Oath clauses also allow the insurance carrier’s lawyer to examine you outside the presence of any other insured.  This means that your business partner or spouse cannot sit in the room with you while you are being examined.

After the Examination Under Oath, the insurance company will use your words to decide whether to deny or pay your claim.



How We Help

We help clients through the Examination Under Oath process.  We meet with clients, help them understand why their insurance company has demanded the Examination, and go over the likely questions that may be asked so they can gather information and be prepared to answer.  We also attend the Examination with clients and help deal with the insurance company throughout the process.

If you’ve received a letter demanding an Examination Under Oath, please call Jason Herman directly at 813-803-2111 or send an e-mail with a good time to talk about your Examination Under Oath.